Sound Engineers Are Often The Magic Element

If you have a big sound system or even one of today’s more functional amplifiers, you have probably noticed that there are different sound modes available. Even the good old Sony Walkman had a bass enhancer. (Note: if you don’t know what a Walkman is, go and look it up. It is not quite as ubiquitous as a rotary dial – but with the Walkman, the world changed, pardon the digression)

Anyway, the point is while you would naturally think that sound is what it is, you would be wrong. Somewhere in there, a sound engineer has performed some technical wizardry and the result is the amazing noise you are hearing now. That’s why people are impressed when a live band sounds as good as they do in the studio.

how to become a recording engineer

If you are interested in how to become a recording engineer there are plenty of thing you will need to learn. Sound is the product of the things making the noise, the band or actors talking plus the space in which the sound is made such as the recording studio or amphitheater, plus the all-important technology. As a sound engineer, you need to get a grasp of all of those elements.

Once you start to think about sound it becomes a factor in everything you do. You start to see how sound works. It makes sense to you that a whispering gallery would work – which is amazing. You understand how some restaurants got it right and others got it more than wrong and so being in their restaurants is hell not heaven.

Sound, it turns out is a lot more complex than just the noises you hear. That noise can be manipulated, enhances and made something much bigger than the noise all by itself.